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Building a Culture of Distinction

Is your workplace principle-focused, purposeful and personally fulfilling?

Do you have a strategy for infusing change throughout your organization?

Discover how to lead change by managing organizational culture--it's your hidden asset.




Building a

Culture of Distinction

Sheila L. Margolis, PhD

Atlanta, GA

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Do you know how to use your core culture  to drive change?

Discover how to achieve successful change so your organization can prosper.


Do you know how to integrate new values into the core to your culture?

Whether going through leadership change, a merger or acquisition, rapid growth, or unsettling economic times, defining organizational culture and aligning organizational culture with strategy is fundamental to business success.

Do you know how to define your organizational culture?

To build your culture of distinction, you must first define the culture of your organization. When you can define your culture, you can evaluate how well it positions you for success and, if need be, you can change it to compete and thrive.

Strategy and change initiatives must be linked to the culture of the workplace. If practices are not grounded in the organizational culture, change will be difficult to sustain.

Use the Building a Culture of Distinction Program to define organizational culture and lead organizational change.

Now there is a process for defining organizational culture and leading organizational change. This unique process starts at the core of your culture and lets you manage change from the inside out.

Let Dr. Sheila L. Margolis, President of the Workplace Culture Institute based in Atlanta, GA, guide you in building your culture of distinction. Manage this valuable, hidden asset so that culture becomes a force that drives your business.